All ’bout me

This is the personal site of DJ Allyn, burned out radio guy who went on to become a burned out sound engineer for a famous (but deliberately un-named) Seattle area grunge band, and am currently burning the candle at both ends  as a sound engineer and Foley artist for several television series and two movies that I also choose to leave un-named.  I am a registered Motion Picture Sound Editor with seventeen credits to my name.

I used to be found arguing on several political websites.  I own one, and manage several others for different folks all over the political spectrum.

I have grown weary of politics though.  I find myself arguing against idiots and that just can’t be any good.  You just can’t win against an idiot, and what does that say about you if you lose to one?

So I decided that maybe I should find something more peaceful and much more relaxing — like putting together a collection of things that have influenced my life over the years.  Music that I have enjoyed, humor, events, and the occasional rant.

But mostly music.

How many of you get this tune in your head during the day that you just can’t shake?  It might be something you heard on the radio, or blasting over a PA speaker in a store. But it was one of those songs that reminded you of something or a period of your life.

Well, I am here to stir some of those memories up for you. Thanks to YouTube and other similar sources on the Internet, we now have this stuff right at our fingertips.

Most of the audio, video, and descriptions posted here are culled from other sources.  I rely heavily on Wikipedia for information about artists and their songs, mainly because in most cases it is more reliable than just me rambling on about someone.  Some of the information I have gotten from the artists themselves, but don’t expect me to  name-drop here.

Music isn’t the only thing I post here.  I also like to post an interesting Video of the Day which could cover just about everything.  The only real criteria I have for a Video of the Day is that I have to find it either funny or damn interesting.  I will try to post a different video every day (hence, the “daily” part) but unfortunately I might not find a video that makes me laugh or holds my interest for that day.

I have some puzzles, some games, and even some humor and oddities. If it grabs my interest, I will probably post it.

I have started including some Old Time Radio plays that I plan on posting at least once a week — probably on Sundays.  Radio plays were an important part of my childhood, and it was one of the things that expanded my imagination and made me very interested in radio from an early age.

So, check it out. Hopefully you will find something you enjoy.  Above all, if you find something of interest here, SHARE IT WITH OTHERS!