Troubled Land ~ John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp, previously known as John Cougar and then John Cougar Mellencamp, is a Grammy-winning American rock singer-songwriter, musician, artist and occasional actor.

Mellencamp, who was born with a mild form of spina bifida which necessitated a lengthy stay in the hospital as a baby,  lives in Bloomington, Indiana and has been married to former supermodel Elaine Irwin Mellencamp since September 5, 1992. Mellencamp has five children from his three marriages: Michelle from his first marriage to Priscilla Esterline (1970-81); daughters Teddi Jo and Justice from his second marriage to Victoria Granucci (1981-89); and sons Hud and Speck from his current marriage.

Mellencamp is known to be a big fan of Indiana University basketball and is regularly seen in attendance at home games. He has been a staunch supporter of Indiana University itself for a number of years, having contributed a significant amount of money to the University’s cultural and educational programs. In 2000, he gave the IU commencement address, in which he advised graduates to “play it like you feel it!” and that “you’ll be all right.” Following the delivery of his address, Indiana University bestowed upon him an honorary doctorate of Musical Arts.

A popular fixture in and around Bloomington, Mellencamp is often seen dining out in any of several of his favorite local restaurants, shopping at local farmer’s markets and co-ops, and attending musical/artistic events in town. Despite his constant presence, however, Mellencamp is known among citizens for his desire for privacy and “a normal life,” often expressing dismay at being approached for autographs or greetings while shopping, dining out, or relaxing with his family (though he is noted to be very cordial and appreciative to those fans who approach him at “appropriate” times.) Accordingly, “Mellencamp sightings” among Bloomington residents and IU students are a common, though usually anticlimactic, occurrence.

Troubled Land


Well there’s a pain in my side
But I keep traveling on
Bring peace to this troubled land
It’s dark out here
I can’t read those signs
Bring peace to the troubled land
Hurricane on the horizon
Judgment getting closer all the time
I can’t find tomorrow
Bring peace to this troubled land

Well there’s two men a walking
Down the same dirty road
Bring peace to this troubled land
They stand shoulder to shoulder
Carrying the same heavy load
Bring peace to this troubled land
One man’s eyes are full of sorrow
The other man’s belly full of unbearable pain
They keep getting closer
Bring peace to this troubled land

I’ve got many screaming children
Ten million rows to hoe
Bring peace to this troubled land
Deader than an hammer
But I can’t let go
Bring peace to this troubled land
The eyes of heaven are upon you
But so is the soul from down below
They’ll cut off your fingers
To bring peace to this troubled land

Well you can stand up and holler
You can lay down and die
Bring peace to this troubled land
We can turn up our collars
And never even try
To bring peace to this troubled land
Beware of those who want to harm you
And drag you down to a lower game
Just know the truth is coming
To bring peace to this troubled land

I got a pain in my side
But I keep traveling on


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