In 1993,  id Software released the landmark first-person shooter computer game DOOM.  It is widely recognized for having popularized the first person shooter genre, pioneering immersive 3D graphics as well as true third dimension spatiality, networked multiplayer gaming, and support for customized additions and modifications (called “WADs”). Its graphic and interactive violence, as well as its Satanic imagery, also made it the subject of considerable controversy. With a third of the game (9 levels) distributed as shareware, Doom was played by an estimated 10 million people within two years of its release, popularizing the mode of gameplay and spawning a gaming subculture; as a sign of its effect on the industry, games from the mid-1990s boom of first-person shooters are often known simply as “Doom clones”. According to GameSpy, Doom was voted by industry insiders to be the greatest game of all time in 2004.

This highly-addictive game was responsible for sucking up hours of  otherwise productive time and now I have included DOOM as well as its cousins, Heritic and HeXen.


Moving around – Hold the LEFT BUTTON on your mouse to move around.
Fire Weapon – Space bar
Open doors or secret passages – R Key

Play in Full Screen Mode

Here are some cheats for you

This game is likely to kick your ass when you play for the first time.  It isn’t so much that you kill everything and move on to the next level, but you also need to be able to find all of the secrets and do so in as little time as possible.  The higher the levels, the harder it gets.  So to help you out, I will give you some of the cheat codes…

idbeholda: Gain Computer Area Map item (active until next map level)
idbeholdi: Gain Blur Artifact
idbeholdl: Gain light-amplification visors
idbeholdr: Gain radiation suit
idbeholds: Gain Berserk Pack
idbeholdv: Gain Invulnerability Artifact
idchoppers: Gain chain saw
idclev#$: Warp to map #$ (# is Episode number, $ is map 1 to 9)
iddqd: Toggle invincibility on/off (toggled on, health is 100%)
iddt: Type 3 times in Automap mode to 1) Reveal map, 2) Add Objects, 3) Reset
Alt-tiddt: Like iddt but Objects include opponents (game versions before 1.9)
idfa: Gain all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor
idkfa: Gain 3 keys, all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor
idmus##: Use music track ## (## is a number from 11 to 45; full version 1.9)
idmypos: Flash a message giving player’s angle and coordinates in hexadecimal
idspispopd: Toggle player’s ability to walk through walls on/off


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