Crossfire – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan was an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Stevie Ray Vaughan learned to play the guitar as a kid, influenced by his older brother, guitarist Jimmie Vaughan. By 1972 Stevie had dropped out of school and was playing blues guitar in bands in Austin, Texas. In 1981 he named his band Double Trouble, and in 1982 caught the attention of David Bowie, who in 1982 asked him to play on the hit “Let’s Dance.” In 1983 Vaughan released his debut album, Texas Flood, and the following year he released Couldn’t Stand the Weather, a commercial and critical success. He continued to tour and record, playing a mix of electric blues, country and rock, until his death in a 1990 helicopter crash.



Day by day, night after night
Blinded by the neon light
Hurry here, hustling there
No one’s got the time to spare
Money’s tight, nothing free
Won’t somebody come and rescue me

I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire

Tooth for tooth, eye for an eye
Sell your soul just to bop on by
Beggin’ for a dollar, stealin’ a dime
Come on can’t you see that I’m
Stranded, caught in the crossfire
I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
I need some, kind of kindness
Some kind of sympathy, oh no

(Lead) Save the strong, lose the weak
Never turning the other cheek
Trust nobody, don’t be no fool
Whatever happened to the golden rule

Audio from the 1989 album, In Step:


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