A Child’s Garden of Grass – Jack S. Margolis

album1In 1969, Jack S. Margolis wrote a book called A Child’s Garden of Grass. Two years later, an album based on that book surfaced on Elektra Records. If you’re looking for a silly comedy album in which the entire theme is on marijuana, and its affects, then you will love this video of the original album, A Child’s Garden of Grass:  A pre-legalization comedy

Each subject of the album starts off with some strange electronic effects before the narrator gets on with the subject. Example is “Listening to Music”. This cut tells you what kind of music you can listen to while being stoned (classical, folk, acid rock, jazz, electronic music). He warns you never listen to Myron Florin (accordion player for the Lawrence Welk Show), as well as several other polka players while stoned, unless they were being played all together at once.

album2Another example is “Creativity” where the narrator seems to suggest when you’re stoned, you begin to overestimate your “artistic” talents. By the end of that cut, you start hearing some really bad rock and roll, played and sung by the person being stoned. Of course an album dealing with this subject should never be without “Physical Effects” and “Psychological Effects”, as well as how to acquire marijuana (which seems to suggest any manner possible, even stealing). “Psychological Effects” really cracks me up, because you hear a conversation between a man and a woman, and the person totally forgot what he was saying, and didn’t care. There was also a lot of giggling as they listen to some really crappy music.

1. The History of Marijuana (1:20)

2. Acquiring Marijuana (2:35)

3. General Effects (1:39)

4. Creativity (2:21)

5. Physical Effects (2:29)

6. Psychological Effects (2:39)

7. Time and Space (2:29)

8. Getting Hung-Up (2:36)

9. Funniness (1:49)

10. Meditation (3:12)

11. Eating Food (1:23)

12. Listening To Music (2:15)

13. Making Love (6:40)

14. Physical and Intellectual Games (3:35)

  • Audio from the 1971 album, A Child’s Garden of Grass

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10 thoughts on “A Child’s Garden of Grass – Jack S. Margolis

  1. Ya, that's me on this set and it was a great time that 1969. I remember,…well, some of it, I remember Barham Boulevard and The Farm, where we were, I remember Tie-Dye Annie who I introduced to Wacco, my old pal from Berkeley and the drums I played with Phil Austin and Peter Bergman and the sweet wonderfulness of the whole damned day in that beautiful golden time in Hollywood when dreams met reality and…what was I saying, Ahhh, I know, Jerry Freedman and Steven Spielberg and I working at Universal Studios, the same spot from another dream of mine where Karloff and Lugosi and Chaney trod the dry sod…and yet another dream come true for me when I got to see Jack Poet and his famous laff… Resnais was there, Patti was there, radio legend before he was a legend, Ron Jacobs, my young ass and the Farm House of Cyrus and Resnais and Harrison Ford and Fred And Lynn…what was I saying. I am proud to have been there, and I was. I just wish I had a photo, sigh. Dok, where am I? Oooooooooona??? Let's play "Get the Gretas" a tune Peter and I wrote…whew, I need a nap, but wait, where are we all now? It's not dark but its cooler than I'd like it to be. Let's meet somewhere…soon. I have tapes, reel-to-reel tapes of these days with Anton Greene, Bo and Dorna May, Wacco singing and…what was I…I really gotta go get some…(poot) something…Henry Diltz has all the photos, so ask him…I have to go to work now…somewhere. I must go to a dark place now as I have just heard the Peter Bergman has moved on without us to that final place. So lemme go over here for a bit…and sit and recall, that mighty time…wow.

    1. I, for one, personally thank you for the high. I was just starting out in radio here in Seattle way back then and got in some SERIOUS trouble for playing this album on air late one night.

      But it didn't stop me — I continued to play it every Sunday evening at 11PM for about a year.

      Great times!

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