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Skindive are an Irish Electro/rock band formed in the late 1990s in Dublin. The band incorporates electronic sounds into often harsh and atmospheric music and comparisons are often drawn to the band Garbage because of the juxtaposition of heavily distorted guitars and clean female vocals.

Skindive was formed in 1999 by Gerry Owens. Owens had previously been living in London playing with a series of groups which met with little or no success. Once returning to Dublin, Owens began working on writing his own music which eventually formed into the creation of the band.

Owens found his bassist (Alan Lee) and drummer (Ger Farrell) during the first four months of recruiting but found it tougher to pick the right voice to go with his music and lyrics. After lots of auditioning, Owens got a recommendation to try out Danielle Harrison who was living in Los Angeles at the time. Inevitably, Danielle was the voice Owens was searching for and she moved to Dublin to join them. Gerry Owens said on creating the band:

“I’ve been in several bands at this stage, and they all implode because of the personalities involved. It was very important to me to think in the long-term for Skindive. It took a long time to put the right people together”

Over the next year, the newly formed Skindive, would play gigs in and around Dublin and perfect their stage performance. During this time, the band journeyed to America in pursuit of a record deal with Chris Blackwell’s Palm Records. After Blackwell had heard the bands demo, he traveled to Ireland to watch them in concert. He immediately signed the band to Palm Records and they began working on recording their first album entitled Skindive.

In 2002, after touring, the band suddenly found themselves lacking support from Palm Records. Danielle has said in an interview with

“one by one it seemed all of the people who had been championing us left the company until we were left on our own. And with them in New York and us over here it was very difficult to keep things moving.”

In the end, the band asked Palm Records to release them from their contract which happened successfully. During this period, Skindive was close to breaking up but Gerry Owens and Danielle continued to write new music.

Eventually the band signed to Independent label AlphaMale Recordings, prepared for their follow-up album entitled Falling Down and releasing a single called Precious. Only a month after releasing the album in September, 2003, the band decided to break up for reasons unknown.

Gerry Owens has since gone on to form a new band called Lluther whose live band includes ex-Skindive drummer Ger Farrell.

No More Good Guys


I died today,
but I’m still breathing,
for now,
I’m broken.

You left me here,
Capsized and sinking,
thinking, right now,
there’s no more good guys.

You left me standing here,
alone and colder,
I hope that some day soon,
the pain inside will stop.

You died today,
but you’re still breathing,
in my mind,
that is,
there’s no more good guys.

You left me standing here,
alone and colder,
I hope that some day soon,
the pain inside will stop
I hoped you’d see me,
I hoped you’d understand,
Or crucify me for my failings,
my cruel ambition,
hardly justified,
and the pain inside will … stop.

  • Audio from the 2001 album, Skindive:

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