Artist: King’s X

The World Around Me – King’s X

King’s X is an American hard rock band that combines progressive metal, funk and soul with vocal arrangements influenced by gospel, blues, and British Invasion pop groups. The band’s lyrics are largely based on the members’ struggles with religion and self-acceptance.

In an interview on the UK late-night television show Raw Power around the time of the release of Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, the band’s explanation of its name was that the X relates to the mark on the wax seal used by royalty to seal correspondence. If the seal on a letter sent by the King, the King’s X, was broken, it meant death for the messenger.

In an interview published in a guitarist magazine in the mid-1990s, Tabor revealed the true origin of the name, claiming that “King’s X” is a safety zone in the game of Tag in Texas: a player could “Call King’s X” to avoid being tagged. Sam Taylor’s brother was in a band called Kings X some years earlier and he suggested it to the band. After much thought and with no better names forthcoming, members of the band said, “Are we gonna be called King’s X or what?” The band agreed on it and King’s X stuck.

Whether the band’s name was intended as a Christian reference or not, the band members themselves have resisted being identified as a Christian metal or Christian rock band. Although many of their early lyrics have a clear spiritual influence, generally this came from the individual faith of the members rather than an explicit attempt to tap into the contemporary Christian music market in the way groups such as Petra did. While members would speak openly about their faith, and the Faith Hope Love CD insert contained an entire chapter of the Bible, the band rejected the association as a Christian band.  While some of their albums were marketed through Christian book stores, most removed their albums from sale after Pinnick’s announcement in 1998 of his homosexuality.

The World Around Me


One mornin’ walkin’ down the street
Where nobody walks, nobody can hear
Started listenin’ to a sound so clear
To the world around me

Incredible scene I had to believe
I saw a difference to the way I see
The mystery said
“Come and see the world around me”

See the world all around

I started to laugh but a grin took its place
And my heart beat louder like it never did before
I saw things that I never saw before
This world around me

I can’t resist
I couldn’t see how this could be an accident
I can’t resist
I wanna see more

See the world all around
See the world all around

Lets see the world all around me
See the world, all around, cry

  • Audio from the 1992 album, King’s X: