Artist: The Dead Milkmen

Punk Rock Girl ~ The Dead Milkmen

The Dead Milkmen were a satirical punk band formed in 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consisted of Joe Genaro (“Joe Jack Talcum”; guitar, vocals), Dave Schulthise (“Dave Blood”; bass), Dean Sabatino (“Dean Clean”; drums), and Rodney Linderman (“Rodney Anonymous”; vocals, synth).

The band has claimed that the name comes from a character in Toni Morrison’s book Song of Solomon (“Milkman Dead”), as well as from one of Genaro’s high school projects.

The band’s musical style could be described as jangly, driving punk rock with a steady supply of irreverent humor as evident from the song titles “My Many Smells”, “Taking Retards to the Zoo” and “If You Love Someone, Set Them On Fire.” Anonymous and Talcum both sang with heavy Philadelphia accents often sounding exaggeratedly snotty.

Punk Rock Girl

Punk Rock Girl” is the best known song from The Dead Milkmen and first appeared on their 1988 album, Beelzebubba.  The song’s video won heavy rotation on MTV.

The song is featured in the video game Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and is covered by MxPx in On the Cover II. It was also covered by Streetlight Manifesto in their cover-project 99 Songs of Revolution. The song was also briefly heard in the pilot episode to the Fox series Raising Hope. “Punk Rock Girl” was also covered by Diesel Boy on the 1999 album Sofa King Cool. The music videos for “Punk Rock Girl” and “Smokin’ Banana Peels” were shown on episodes of Beavis and Butt-head.

Punk Rock Girl – Sabatino, Genaro, Shulthise

One Saturday I took a walk to Zipperhead
I met a girl there and she almost knocked me dead

Punk rock girl
Please look at me
Punk rock girl
What do you see?
Let’s travel round the world
Just you and me punk rock girl

I tapped her on the shoulder
And said do you have a beau?
She looked at me and smiled and said she did not know

Punk rock girl
Give me a chance
Punk rock girl
Let’s go slam dance
We’ll dress like Minnie Pearl
Just you and me punk rock girl

We went to the Philly Pizza Company
And ordered some hot tea
The waitress said well no, we only have it iced
So we jumped up on the table and shouted anarchy
And someone played a Beach Boys song on the jukebox
It it was “California Dreamin”
So we started screamin
On such a winter’s day

She took me to her parents for a Sunday meal
Her father took one look at me and he began to squeal

Punk rock girl
It makes no sense
Punk rock girl
Your dad is vice president
Just like the Duke of Earl
Yeah you’re for me punk rock girl

We went to a shopping mall
And laughed at all the shoppers
And security guards trailed us to a record shop
We asked for Mojo Nixon
They said he don’t work here
We said if you don’t got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin

We got into her car away we started rollin
I said how much you pay for this
Said nothin man it’s stolen

Punk rock girl
You look so wild
Punk rock girl
Let’s have a child
We’ll name her Minnie Pearl
Just you and me
Eat fudge banana swirl
Just you and me
We’ll travel round the world
Just you and me
Punk rock girl

  • Audio from the 1988 album, Beelzebubba:

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