Comment Policy

This site gets over three thousand comments a week, but you would never know it by looking at it.  Most of the comments are rejected as being outright spam captured by the different filtering systems we have here, or they do not adhere to our comment policy.

Why is there a Comment Policy?

Because of licensing issues, we cannot promote or advertise here.  I know that link-love is a great way to boost your own blog or website and reciprocation is often expected and/or appreciated.  Unfortunately,  in order to keep this a strictly educational and informational site, we have to bar any and all advertisement for products.  I am sure that you think you have a great product to sell, but you will have to use someone else’s bandwidth to do it with.

One way a spammer will try to get around a spam filter will be to post a link to a seemingly harmless blog that turns out to be just one huge spam site.  With three thousand comments to go through each week, I do not have the time to see if your site is “safe” or not.  So I just make it easy and reject any and all comments that contain links.  Actually, I don’t do that, I wrote a plugin that will do it for me.  So if you leave a comment that contains a link of ANY kind, I will never see it.

So what exactly IS the Comment Policy here?

It is pretty simple.  As long as your comment conforms to the following guidelines, you will have no problems.

  1. Post No Links.  I mean it — do NOT post a link of any kind in your comment.  You will note that there is no field for your personal website.  That means we aren’t asking and we don’t want to see it.  You probably have a GREAT website, probably something I would enjoy.  If you do, feel free to email it to me and I will consider putting it in the SIDEBAR where it belongs.  JUST DO NOT POST IT IN A COMMENT!
  2. Keep on Topic.  A sure sign that your comment is a spam comment is when it doesn’t match the topic.  For example,  I posted the song, Twilight Zone by Golden Earring a while back.  Suddenly I get comments about how great one of the Twilight movies is.  Or there are the generic comments like,  “Pretty impressive article. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.“.
  3. Your Name is a Giveaway.  I have yet to actually meet anyone whose parents used the word “Payday” in their name.  But judging by the number of comments I get here, it must have been quite a phenomenon.   In an age where names like Brittany and Justin and Corey are quite common, I must have missed those people named “Mortgage”, and “Footwear”, and “Solar Power”.  Also, if your name is “Rick” and your email is, then I suspect foul play.
  4. English is spoken here.  Don’t think me a snob, but I write everything here in American/English.  It isn’t that I dislike other languages, it’s that I only know English and it would be silly to post comments written in Russian or Arabic.

See?  There isn’t all that much you have to adhere to.  I can spot an illegitimate comment from a long ways.  A quick glance will tell me all there is to know.

I am not discouraging people from making comments, just comments that are not allowed.


These days, most of my comments come from social media. Sometimes they can get hung up between here and there for a while.  Perhaps a day or two — I’ve seen one go two weeks before Facebook got off its ass and sent it along.

If you haven’t posted here before, your comment isn’t going to show up until one of my minions gets bored and starts reading them one-by-one.  (yes, I have minions, and they work about as hard as what I pay them.) (4590)