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I get about fifty song requests a week.  Some are lame, (I am NOT going to post “Mary had a little Lamb”)  some are songs that are already posted here.

If you request a song, please include the artist’s name and the name of the song.  If you don’t know either, then it is a fairly good chance I won’t know it.  Sending me a message that says, “I don’t know the name of the song, but it goes something like this…” doesn’t really work for me.  If you have just a couple words out of a line in the song, I would suggest using Google to see if you can find out the actual name of the song and who did it.  THEN come and talk to me.

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Submitting a song is no guarantee that it is ever going to get posted here, nor should you expect a particular time line.  I usually set up several songs to automatically post on a certain schedule a week or two in advance.  The song you see posted today might have been scheduled a week or two ago.  If a mood strikes me, I may decide to bump a song and insert something at the last moment.

My site, my rules.

I may just actually hate your song.  There are a few songs that I positively loathe.  Some might even cause insane urges of violence in me.  (Accordion music does that to me — sorry Weird Al)

But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  The chances of my posting your submission are actually fairly good.

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